Professor Sapulha

Professor Sapulha first encountered the beautiful art of Capoeira in 2003, when Mestre Zumbi expanded classes from Princeton University. Soon after, Sapulha began to attend most of the classes and performances that were offered, and grew quickly as part of the group and as a leader. As more time passed, he continued to accumulate knowledge by traveling to events held by the global Capoeira community. His dedication to Senzala coupled with his continued exploration of other groups’ teachings provided a broad perspective that Sapulha continues to refine into a personal understanding of the art form. Sapulha represents the philosophy of his Mestre, and has been helping with and teaching classes for adults and children since 2008. In his classes, Sapulha delves beyond the physical form of Capoeira, and encourages the self-exploration of personality. Through cooperative movement and resonant music, students learn to bend the limits they previously believed to exist for them, and achieve a great workout, accompanied by a rewarding sense of accomplishment. Sapulha’s mission is to help students work through their obstacles to reach confidence and continually grow as individuals and as integral parts of their community.

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