Instrutora Pedrita

The first time Instrutora Pedrita encountered capoeira was on Library Mall in Madison, Wisconsin many years ago, and she was instantly captivated. Capoeira brings together music, dance, combat, cultural history, and community in a unique and powerful way. Once it gets in your blood, there is no escaping: your life becomes a game of capoeira, in which you are always discovering and overcoming new challenges, always experiencing setbacks and personal growth. Instrutora Pedrita sees capoeira as a means of individual and communal empowerment. In her teaching, she aims to challenge and support students as they grow and develop, inspiring them with the joy, playfulness, perseverance, and street smarts that she associates with the art. Over the years, Instrutora Pedrita has trained with various groups, including Omulu and ABADÁ. She has traveled throughout Brazil, the United States, and further afield, in search of rodas, friends, and challenges. She feels blessed to have reconnected in New Jersey with her old friend and mentor, Mestre Zumbi, and to be an Instrutora under him, with Grupo Senzala de Capoeira. Axê.   

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