Instrutor Mangueira with Mestre Zumbi
Instrutor Mangueira

Mangueira began studying martial arts at an early age. His parents found themselves with a child who had a lot of energy, and so they enrolled him in Judo. In his early teens he explored JKD, Kali, African dance and African drumming. His parents enforced the idea of being well-rounded in life and chose to teach this to him through martial arts. His first introduction to Capoeira was at a very young age and only for a couple months. While taking African drum class he stumbled upon a Capoeira Angola class at a church close by. He was fascinated by the teacher's flexibility and ability to control his body. After high school Mangueira found Mestre Zumbi’s Capoeira class in Princeton, where he began his training. Now, years later, Mangueira, a father of two, strives to further his journey as a Capoeirista by teaching in Philadelphia under the supervision of Mestre Zumbi.

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