Instrutor Hobbit

Hobbit began studying Capoeira in 2005 while living in Zagreb, Croatia. He became a part of Grupo Senzala de Capoeira in 2016 under the guidance of Mestre Zumbi. Prior to joining Senzala, Hobbit was a member of Capoeira Amazonas (Mestre Pontape, Croatia). In 2015, he came to the United States and founded Capitol City Capoeira in Baton Rouge, LA. Hobbit has been teaching kids classes since 2007 and adult classes since 2010. Hobbit has had the opportunity of studying with over 40 different masters of Capoeira and enjoys transferring this knowledge to his own students. His favorite aspect of Capoeira is the music, which he loves to share with his students. Having trained in many Capoeira styles that have emphasized aspects of the fight, music, and movement, Hobbit is able to combine cultural and physical aspects of this martial art into classes in which people of all ages and body types can participate and be successful.

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