Instrutora Andorinha

Andorinha (Melinda González) began studying Capoeira in 2009.  She became a part of Grupo Senzala de Capoeira in 2012 under the guidance of Mestre Zumbi and received her Instrutora cord in 2017.  Prior to joining Senzala, Andorinha was a member of Capoeira Guerreiros (George Palmares) and Maranhao Capoeira (Maranhao Silva – Rutgers Capoeira).  Due to her history in three different groups, Andorinha is a well-rounded Capoeirista, who enjoys learning the history of Capoeira and studying various styles of capoeira. She has a special place in her heart for Capoeira Angola as it is the root of all Capoeira and connects to the ancestors.


As a student of Mestre Zumbi, Andorinha has taught children and adults as a substitute Capoeira teacher in Newark, New Jersey and New York City. She was a school teacher and college professor and embedded Capoeira as part of her curriculum. Andorinha has also taught Capoeira classes in elementary schools in Brooklyn, New York and at Louisiana State University.


Andorinha moved to Louisiana in 2016 in order to pursue her doctorate degree in Anthropology at LSU and started a chapter of Capoeira Senzala in Baton Rouge in order to pay homage to her Capoeira roots and to continue learning the art of Capoeira. She teaches with the permission of Mestre Zumbi.


Andorinha loves working with children and, after having experience with chronic injuries, helps students of various body types and physical abilities practice the style of Capoeira that best matches their body. She believes Capoeira should be accessible to all people regardless of body ability.  She is a patient teacher and hopes to bring the best out of her students. Axé! 


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